If you don’t see your question answered below or in your sponsorship package, send an email to and we will get your question answered as quickly as possible!

Trail Run ticket sales are on now, click here to register! Expo tickets are available at the door only, and include free admission to the ALL Truck Supershow! Also don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list!

The Trail Run ticket pricing is $165 for a driver and registered vehicle, passengers $50 each, children under 12 free. 

The cost for the Expo will be $10 per person, age 15 and under free, and free parking, good for both days of the event.

We structured our pricing so it would be extremely affordable. If you are an interested 4WD club, drop us a line and let us know how many you’re thinking of bringing – did you know that volunteers get in free to the expo?

Think of a Trail Run Badge as your VIP entry to our attend our event in style! A Badge includes 1 driver and vehicle (additional passenger tickets will be available at a reduced rate). You get a special swag bag with some goodies in it and an event tee shirt. It gives you any perks on the Trail Runs (for instance camp cookouts, beverages or special giveaways). It gives you free fast track entry to the Expo once you return to Chilliwack, as well as free entry to the ALL Truck Supershow next door. You get access to VIP seating at the expo stage. It gives you a reserved campsite on the Expo grounds (available at an affordable extra cost). Finally, it gives you entry to the Trail Run dinner on Saturday night, along with a free raffle ticket. You don’t want to miss this raffle!

Since passengers need to be associated with the registered vehicle, it is best to register them when you register the vehicle. For example, if you want to take 2 friends but aren’t sure who is coming with you, select the quantity “3”  on the registration screen. Enter your name and information on the first driver page. For the passengers, they’ll each have their own page of information, and just enter “Passenger1” for first name and your own last name. Then for the second passenger, likewise you can enter “Passenger2” for their first name and your own last name. Those are the only mandatory fields, you can leave the email and other fields blank for passengers. Then contact us at once you know and we can make adjustments later.

Once you have registered for Trail Runs (here), we will notify you by email when the Trails selections will be available, and of any changes or updates. You will almost certainly get the trails you want once the final list is published closer to the event.

No, although we love our volunteers and participants equally, you must choose whether you want to volunteer or sign up as a Trail Run participant.

That being said, if you are a volunteer there may be an opportunity for you to be on a Trail Run as a trail leader or tail gunner, no guarantees. If you are selected for one of these positions, you won’t have the benefits of the Trail Run badge including any giveaways, the swag bag, though you may attend the Saturday night dinner at cost.

If you want the full experience, we encourage you to register!

Trail Runs

In general, vehicle inspections will take place at 8:00am Wed July 18. Trail Runs will depart after inspections, and will return to the expo grounds sometime on Sat July 21. The Trail Run dinner and raffle is tentatively scheduled for 6pm Sat July 21.

ALL Truck Super Show

Display vehicles can arrive Fri July 20 from noon – 6:00pm, and Sat July 21 from 9:00am – noon. Peer judging takes place by 2:00pm, awards handed out at 4:00pm, show ends 6:00pm.


The indoor expo portion has been cancelled, more info here


Yes! You must have a valid driver’s license in your jurisdiction, and BC drivers must have a class 1 – 5, and now class 7 “L” or “N” drivers are permitted.

Yes you must be 19 years of age or older to sign the liability waiver to be a driver. Parents cannot sign for minors, as unfortunately case law in BC has decided that this is not legally binding on a minor.

Our motto for the Trail Runs is that we want people to have fun, not break their trucks! Some “B.C. pinstriping” (surface scratches from brush) can be expected on some runs. Most trails will be stock-friendly. 

See our Trail Rating System for more details.

Yes, we will have a mandatory safety inspection for Trail Runs. The vehicle is only inspected for basic compliance with Trail Run regulations. No guarantee implying the safety of your vehicle is implied or certified. We will publish the requirements as we near the event.

No. We’re unaware of any rental companies that will allow you to rent a 4×4 for off-road use. You will not be permitted to take part in Trail Runs if you attempt to bring a rental.

For multi-day trail runs, fuel stops will be planned beforehand and will be part of your trip itinerary. We are planning it so that there shouldn’t be any stretches where extra fuel will be needed for any vehicle as long as they fill up at the designated fuel stops which will be just before the trailheads on longer routes.

For the shorter (1 day) runs, it would be wise to be filled up the night before so we don’t need to stop for fuel along the way.

You are responsible for yourself and your passengers in regard to food, water and shelter. The trail leader will guide you on the trails and help you whenever they can, but will not be carrying extra food.


It depends! If you just want to come to the ALL Truck Super Show, you can do so on Friday July 20 or Saturday July 21. If you want to buy a Trail Run badge and participate in the Trail Runs, they start on Wednesday July 18 and will arrive back at Chilliwack Heritage Park on Sat July 21.

Check our lodgings page for special event rates. Also, nearby camping is scarce, so if you want to camp, we suggest you check the BC Parks Reservation Service for Provincial sites and do an online search for private campgrounds as well.

Remember, if you have a Trail Run Badge, camping will be free during your run. It also entitles you to camp on-site for a modest fee at the expo when you return. 

Yes you may bring dogs on the Trail Runs. We ask that you keep your animals under control at all times, as other participants may have small children. The only restriction is that you cannot bring dogs (unless service animals) into the expo at Chilliwack Heritage Park.


Cascadia Expodition is an event put on by the Low Gear Society, a registered non-profit organization (NPO) in British Columbia. The entire board of directors are unpaid volunteers. By law, money collected has to go to our primary mission, running Cascadia Expodition.

The money covers either this year’s event expenses or next year’s. Expenses include things like on-site security, paying for the facility rental in advance, meals for Trail Run attendees, advertising and advertising materials such as stickers and pamphlets.

Unlike most for-profit shows, ours puts no money in the organizer’s pockets. As well, you won’t see us with new “sponsored” equipment on our own vehicles, everything goes back to the attendees in the form of prizes. We are avid off-roaders and we love to do this to benefit the 4WD community, which includes both the public and business.

Our board of directors has decided to provide opportunities for multiple charitable and service groups. We are offering a free booth for pre-approved 4WD clubs, associated 4WD organizations, service organizations and charities, space permitting.

No, “Expodition” is a portmanteau, read more about it here.