This 4WD Trail Rating system is adapted from the scale used by some writers of guide books, with consideration for local conditions. These levels build on previous ones. As with any scale there is lots of room for interpretation.

The other consideration is of course trust in experienced spotters, which is more difficult to measure. Our event will strive to have experienced spotters on each run.

Cascadia Expodition would like to thank to volunteer Stuart Miller on this rating guide and organizing our local event trails.

1 - EASY - Graded dirt road, good FSR. 2WD and stock height cars & trucks
2 - EASY - Dirt road, poor FSR. Ruts and potholes. Difficult for cars and low clearance trucks.
3 - MODERATE - Dirt road, one vehicle wide, rocks and potholes, small washouts. Sand or muddy sections. Passable in 2WD but 4WD recommended. High suspension recommended.
4 - MODERATE - Dirt road or trail, narrow, pinstriping, grades to 15 degrees, some off camber, some washouts. 4WD required, 4L in many areas, winching unlikely. High suspension or lift required.
5 - ADVENTUROUS - Very rocky parts, grades to 20+ degrees. 4L required, winching probable. Raised suspension and special tires required. Some steep rocks to climb. Spotter required in some areas. Extra low gearing is helpful. Lockers helpful.
6 - ADVENTUROUS - There will be no Cascadia Expodition trails at this level. Adventurous Trail, deep sand and/or mud, winching likely, steep rocky sections. Breakage and body damage possible. Rock crawling gears may be required. Lockers may be required.
7 - CHALLENGING - There will be no Cascadia Expodition trails at this level. Significant build and driver experience required. Body damage or breakage expected.
8,9,10 - CHALLENGING to EXTREME - There will be no Cascadia Expodition trails at this level. Note that most factory purpose built vehicles (Wrangler, FJ Cruiser) are quite capable stock. A stock Jeep Rubicon should do level 5 & probably 6 trails.