We were fortunate to attend the B.C. Overland Rally held June 23 – 25, 2017 at Sasquatch Mountain Resort in Hemlock Valley, B.C. The event was the first of the “Overland Rally” series in B.C., with the amazing Ray Hyland at the helm. He has organized others south of the border including the previous weekend’s NW Overland Rally.

There were plenty of amazing rigs and fantastic trailers there.

Every night there was a gathering where the raffle prizes were handed out.

Each day there were multiple learning opportunities for participants.

The mountain setting of the BCOR was incredibly beautiful.

Our booth was nestled in with others who share the same overlanding passions. It was great to see our event booth welcomed by so many, we’re looking forward to offering the BCOR and other 4WD events such as the upcoming Apex 4×4 Jamboree (which we’ll be at as well!) a spot at our event next year.



Their motto is “Have fun, learn stuff, and meet new friends” and we certainly did! We look forward to next year’s show, thank you B.C. Overland Rally!

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